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Every couple has disagreements, and sometimes these disagreements can lead to heated arguments and even pushing and hitting. Violence is never an acceptable way to resolve a dispute under Florida law — not for strangers in public, and not for loved ones at home. If domestic violence has occurred or one party fears that it may occur, a domestic violence injunction can be used to create space between two people so they can cool off and find a better way to resolve their disagreement.

At McNelis Law, P.A., we work to ensure that domestic violence injunctions are used effectively and fairly. If you fear for your safety, we help petitioners like you file for an injunction quickly. We also recognize that injunctions are sometimes filed unfairly, and we also represent respondents seeking to regain access to their home or children, or assert other basic rights, when an injunction is standing in the way.

Protect Yourself

There are other types of injunctions that a party may be entitled to, such as injunctions for protection against stalking, repeat violence, dating violence and sexual violence. We represent petitioners and respondents in injunctions.

In every case, we are committed to helping your family reach an arrangement that is both safe and fair to all parties.

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