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How does collaborative divorce work?

There are many advantages to avoiding courtroom drama when dissolving a marriage. Couples opting to engage in the collaborative divorce process enjoy significant benefits. Among them are less stress and saving both time and money. They take place in informal settings,...

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How to handle unpaid child support

Florida law requires both parents to financially support their child, even if their relationship ends. If you have custody of your children and do not receive court-ordered child support, you have legal recourse. Learn more about what to do if your child's other...

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How to challenge a DUI in Florida

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that drunk drivers cause around 10,000 fatal accidents annually. A drunk driving accident can change someone's life, which is why states enact stern DUI laws. However, a person in Bartow, Florida, arrested...

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Modifying a custody order in Florida

Florida custody laws allow parents to modify parenting time after the initial divorce decree has been granted. Many things change after the aftermath of your divorce, and the initial plan may become unworkable or unreasonable both for you and the child. If you have...

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Benefits of collaborative divorce

Many people visualize a divorce as two former lovers battling it out in court to see which one can come out on top. While there are some divorces that are like this, it doesn't always have to be that way. Collaborative divorce in Florida can be a much less combative...

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