3 common child custody disputes and tips to resolve them

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2023 | Family law

When former partners cannot agree on custody arrangements, you should address these conflicts quickly to ensure the best interests of the child. Your child custody agreement should put your child’s needs first, but sometimes common disputes get in the way.

There are a few sources of conflict when settling a custody agreement.

Disagreement over the schedule

The visitation schedule can pose unique challenges for couples, especially when parents disagree about how much time each of them should get to spend with the child. Take time to consider the other parent’s perspective and prioritize your child’s needs in the schedule decisions. When disagreements persist, a mediator can help you resolve the situation.

Parental relocation

If one parent has to relocate out of the area, that can impact the existing custody agreement. Consider the effect that the distance will have on visitation and factor in any changes to the parent’s schedule for new job demands. Plan the visitation schedule in a way that fits your child’s routine, including school demands and other activities.

Allegations of unfit parenting

If either parent has concerns about the suitability of the other to care for the child, that factors into the custody determination as well. Research indicates that 50% of first-time family violence incidents occur during separation or divorce. When one partner shows signs of violence, take steps to ensure your child’s safety with documentation for the court.

When possible, both parents should have access to foster a strong relationship with their child. Prioritize your child’s relationships to ensure a supportive environment post-divorce.