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The Collaborative Law Approach Can Help Couples In Divorce

You and your spouse worked together during your marriage. Now that the two of you have separated, it is just as crucial for you to work together during the divorce. This concept is at the root of collaborative law.

In a collaborative divorce, both parties are willing to talk things through to find solutions in what can be described as a blend between mediation and litigation. It is more formal than mediation. And even though each of you has a lawyer present, there is no courtroom negotiation. McNelis Law, P.A., in Bartow, Florida, has guided many clients in collaborative divorce, and the team is prepared to help.

Discussions, Compromises, Solutions

With 18 years of legal experience, founding attorney Stacey H. McNelis has solid negotiation skills to help guide the collaborative divorce process. Couples talk openly about their concerns and expectations, while also listening to compromise proposals. Ms. McNelis is knowledgeable, understanding, empathetic and assertive.

In a collaborative divorce, spouses will seek solutions on many topics that include:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal support/alimony
  • Equitable division of assets

The goals are to reach a settlement that the separating spouses can agree upon. You are forced to listen to each other. After all, both of you have something at stake, so it is crucial to be an active and willing participant. A collaborative divorce saves time and money, while also potentially minimizing some of the tensions. Ms. McNelis will be your guide, advocating for you to the best of her abilities.

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Collaborative law is an option that couples may consider when pursuing a divorce. McNelis Law, P.A., in Bartow, Florida, is an experienced law firm that has worked with many clients in collaborative divorce cases. Attorney Stacey H. McNelis provides clients with understanding and care as they maneuver through this difficult time. For a free initial consultation, contact her online or call 863-410-0041.