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The Collaborative Law Option In Divorce Proceedings

Collaborative law relies on problem-solving and proves to be a crucial resource in some divorce cases. Rather than going through mediation or litigation, divorcing couples can choose the collaborative divorce route. It shares elements with both mediation and litigation but ultimately is geared toward preventing drawn-out legal battles.

McNelis Law, P.A., in Bartow, Florida, is an effective and experienced family law firm. Attorney Stacey H. McNelis has nearly 20 years of legal experience guiding families in matters such as collaborative divorce. She is empathetic, sensitive and knowledgeable. Her team will work to the best of their abilities to help you adjust to this life transition.

The Benefits Of Collaborative Divorce

In a collaborative divorce, couples choose to work things out. Fighting and winning is not the philosophy behind collaborative divorce. They want to agree upon a settlement that meets the needs of each parent. Here are some of the advantages of collaborative divorce:

  • Time is of the essence: You save a great amount of it by trying to work things out.
  • Money savings: This process is often less costly than going through litigation.
  • Open discussions: The couples and their attorneys will have an honest and open conversation.
  • Negotiate and collaborate: When you seek ideal solutions, you are more willing to listen.
  • Less tension: It perhaps may not be as emotionally draining as a typical divorce procedure.

If you want a solution that’s not as costly and not as tension-filled, collaborative divorce is an alternative. Our team can guide you through this process.

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Let’s sit down and talk. That’s one of the benefits of collaborative law in a divorce. McNelis Law, P.A., in Bartow, Florida, understands family law and has worked with many clients in collaborative divorce cases. Attorney Stacey H. McNelis is experienced, knowledgeable and caring. Free consultations are available now. Please contact us or call us at 863-410-0041.