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A Lawyer Who Can Help You When Facing Domestic Violence Charges

No one wants to be labeled when facing a criminal charge for domestic violence. In a moment’s notice, a discussion with your spouse or partner can swiftly turn into a heated argument. Inevitably, claims of domestic violence surface, and you find yourself in a predicament and don’t know where to turn.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you overcome such charges. Avoiding incarceration, hefty fines and probation are crucial and McNelis Law, P.A., in Bartow, Florida, will do its best to see that happens for you. With 18 years of experience in criminal defense, our law firm will advocate for you if arrested and charged with domestic violence involving your partner, spouse or children.

Prepared To Negotiate, Litigate

A domestic violence charge is serious. Not only do you face potential incarceration, but a restraining order may be issued against you. This legal document can:

  • Force you from your home, preventing you from living there or visiting it.
  • Prevent you from maintaining contact with your spouse or partner.
  • Diminish your visitation and custody rights with your children.
  • Prevent you from owning a firearm.

Sometimes, false charges of domestic violence are made simply because one spouse/partner seeks to gain certain leverage related to the children or shared property. No matter what the situation, founding attorney Stacey H. McNelis is prepared to help. She will do her best to get the charges reduced or dismissed. And as a skilled and experienced litigator, she is prepared to take your case to trial.

Free Consultations, Solid Advice

When accused of domestic violence, you face one of the biggest challenges in your life. Incarceration, heavy fines and the loss of your family are all strong possibilities. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you overcome these charges. With 18 years of experience, McNelis Law, P.A., in Bartow, Florida, is prepared to defend your rights. Attorney Stacey H. McNelis offers free consultations and will advocate for you. Please contact her online or call her at 863-410-0041.