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A Father Has Rights; We Fight For Them

Establishing paternity as an unmarried father takes extra-legal steps that will allow you custody, visitation and the right to make decisions for your child. A skilled family law attorney can help you maneuver through the legal system, allowing you to continue your role as a parent and build a relationship with your child.

For nearly two decades, McNelis Law, P.A., in Bartow, Florida, has created a caring, personal and reliable family law practice. She has devoted her practice to helping clients in the central region of the state, where she grew up and continues to live. If you are a father — whether divorced or unmarried — seeking parental rights, Ms. McNelis and her team can help you.

Custody, Visitation And Decision-Making

You deserve to be a part of your child’s life. As a father, you play an important role in raising your child. Ms. McNelis will make sure that the court establishes your parental rights that include:

  • Custody: It’s rare that a divorced or unmarried father gets sole custody of a child. However, this may happen if the mother proves to be unfit, resulting in a court order from a judge.
  • Shared custody: Equal parenting time with the child’s mother can be proven beneficial for the child.
  • Visitation: You want to play a significant role in your child’s upbringing, and it’s crucial that you maintain regular visitation.
  • Decision-making: This may include decisions related to health and education.

A skilled attorney who understands the issue of fathers’ rights will prove to be your best advocate. You want to remain relevant in your child’s life. Ms. McNelis and her team are committed to getting results.

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You want to play an instrumental role in your child’s life. As a divorced or unmarried father, you have rights that address custody, visitation and decision-making. McNelis Law, P.A., in Bartow, Florida, is an experienced family law firm prepared to advocate for you. Contact us now for a free initial consultation or call us at 863-410-0041.