Hire A Lawyer Who Cares About You And Your Family

Make A Plan To Support Your Child

Divorce is obviously more complicated when children are involved. For the sake of your children’s well-being, you and your spouse will have to coordinate in one form or another in order to ensure that your children have the attention and support they need for a happy and healthy childhood. In many cases, this communication must occur even when parents are dealing with the anger and stress that comes with divorce.

At McNelis Law, P.A., we understand how difficult it can be to raise children while your family is undergoing huge changes. But we have helped hundreds of clients navigate similar situations, so we have the experience needed to provide sympathetic legal advice when you need it most.

Create A Child Support And Time-Sharing Plan That Meets Your Needs, And Your Child’s

Except in extreme circumstances such as domestic violence, Florida law recognizes the principle that a child should maintain a steady relationship with both parents after a divorce. But within that guideline, there is a nearly infinite range of options for each family to customize the terms by which parents share time with their child, as well as decision-making power and financial responsibility. Many parents still choose an arrangement in which one parent has the majority of timesharing while the other spends time with the children through periodic timesharing; other parents, meanwhile, opt for a more balanced distribution of timesharing, such as an equal timesharing schedule.

While it’s important to ensure that your child’s material needs are also provided for, it is not uncommon for the lower-earning party to seek more child support than is needed to meet your child’s financial needs. We can help you calculate a fair child support arrangement or modify an existing plan in accordance with changes in either parent’s financial situation.

Parenthood During And After Divorce Isn’t Always Easy. We Can Help.

Parents inevitably have disagreements, whether they are married or not. Whether you are facing a small disagreement or a large one, we can help. From child support to relocation issues, we can help you identify the most effective way to stand up for your own interests as well as your children’s — whether it’s through litigation, mediation or collaborative law, or other means.

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