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Fighting Drug Charges And Getting The Best Possible Results

A drug charge and conviction can bring a major stain to your personal and professional life. You face incarceration, steep fines and probation, while also potential job termination. Whether you have made a serious mistake or were wrongfully arrested by an overzealous police officer, you need a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight for your rights.

For nearly two decades, McNelis Law, P.A., in Bartow, Florida, has been a reliable and results-oriented law firm, defending individuals accused of drug crimes. Founding attorney Stacey H. McNelis understands the law, and she understands the community because she grew up here. She knows that the people of Polk County work hard and need a dependable legal advocate when faced with criminal charges.

Skillfully Guiding You Through The System

A skilled negotiator and experienced litigator, Ms. McNelis is highly effective and prepares well for each case. She and her team will pursue every legal option, including getting the charges reduced, dismissed or secure an acquittal at a jury trial. She has represented clients in cases that include:

  • Possession of controlled substances including marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine
  • Possession of controlled substances with intent to sell
  • Cultivation and manufacturing of drugs
  • Possession and distribution of illegal prescription drugs
  • Illegal drug sales on the internet

The legal system can be complicated and intimidating, especially when charged with a criminal offense. Ms. McNelis will guide you through the system and seek the best results possible for you.

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Drug crimes are serious offenses that can send you in prison and tarnish your reputation for years. If you face such criminal charges, you need a fearless advocate who will fight for your rights. McNelis Law, P.A., in Bartow, Florida, has represented clients for 18 years in central Florida. Attorney Stacey H. McNelis is committed to her clients. For a free consultation, contact her online or call her at 863-537-7370.