How to develop a parenting plan in Florida

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | Family law

When you have children and are seeking a divorce from your partner, you need to cast aside any disagreements you two have to try to co-parent agreeably and allow your children to thrive in their new reality. 

Florida law outlines the minimum requirements a parenting plan must meet. A court may approve or modify your proposed parenting plan. 

What does a parenting plan include?

The parenting plan needs to describe how you will communicate with your children and how you as parents will share daily responsibilities associated with raising them. Also, the plan needs to note who is in charge of health care, school responsibilities, and extracurricular activities. Lastly, it must have the time-sharing arrangements outlining how much time children spend with each parent and when. 

If sudden changes arise in your circumstances or with your spouse, you can modify the parenting plan. The presiding court considers the best interest of each minor child to determine the time-sharing plan and any parenting matters. 

How to stay civil during meetings developing a parenting plan?

Attempt to keep your children at the center of the conversation. You need to discuss what you and your spouse need from each other in order to support your children. Although your family is changing, the change does not have to be for the worse. 

Talking about your ultimate goals as parents and laying out your expectations is an excellent way to begin drafting your parenting plan. 

Developing a parenting plan that permits your children to have a relationship with both parents is the ideal goal.