Your options for collecting past due child support

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Child support is a financial obligation and requirement in cases wherein a child’s parents do not live together. If your children live with you, then the Florida court probably awarded you child support, which your children’s other parent must pay. If he or she fails to pay the obligation, it is a violation of the court order. 

The Department of Revenue explains that you have a right to collect any past due child support. You will work with the court, child support office or another authority to either try to get the other parent to pay the support or impose sanctions for non-payment. 

Automatic income withholding  

One possible option is having the child support office send a notice to the other parent’s employer to automatically withhold child support payments from each paycheck. This is fine if your ex-partner works a steady job, but if not, then you may need to try an alternative collection option. 

Other collection methods 

Your main goal is to collect the money the other parent owes to you, so you probably want to try collection methods before you get into any type of punishment for not paying. One collection option is putting a lien on the other parent’s vehicle. You may also look into collecting the money through garnishing a bank account, tax return, workers’ compensation benefits or any insurance settlements he or she may receive. 


If you fail to collect the money, then you may return to court, where the other parent may face jail time. However, the court may also offer services to help your child’s mother or father to find employment. Another option is a suspension of a driver’s license, recreational license or professional license. 

Sometimes, some parents refuse to take financial care of their children and will do anything to get out of paying, which is why there are punishment options. However, the best choice for everyone is to try collection methods first.